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2016 Muddy Sneaker Trail Race

To my mind, every year the trail racing season only really starts when Mort says "Go" at the Muddy Sneaker Trail Race. It is a classic race with a long history that ends up being a family reunion of sorts. It is a place where everyone shakes off the winter, breathes fresh air and enjoys the upstate NY scenery as they beat themselves up across 12 miles of hilly terrain. 

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Street Photography & Mardi Gras

Last week I was invited to take part in an event in New Orleans, which I was thrilled to do. The thing that was interesting to me - besides the content of the event - was that the choice of location and timeframe coincided with Mardi Gras. Since I had never experienced Mardi Gras before, it sounded like a great opportunity to try out some street photography techniques. 

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2015 Twisted Branch Trail Race // The Ascend Collective

Earlier this year I had been approached to shoot the inaugural running of the Twisted Branch 100K - which I immediately jumped at the opportunity to do. What wasn't to love? Trails, check. Opportunity to showcase Upstate New York, check. Support friends who were running the race, check. In Spring, all of these things seemed amazing, but as the race drew closer and my ideas started to come into focus, the sheer logistics of trying to cover runners...

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2015 Muddy Sneaker Trail Race

This past Saturday marked the 16th running of the Muddy Sneaker Trail Race in Hi Tor Wildlife Management Area. Once again, the crew at Goose Adventure Racing didn't disappoint. Between the great Saucony and SmartWool sponsorship, the solid turn-out and, the perfect conditions, you couldn't ask for better -- and I couldn't pass up the opportunity to head down and shoot the event.

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2015 Winter Fest Trail Race

I love trail races. Always have, always will. The trick for me these days is which I love more: running them or shooting them. I don't know that answer yet. The benefit is that there is no downside, as far as I can tell - so, it is best to just take advantage of them when they occur. In any capacity. Today's race, the 2015 Winter Fest Trail Race, which is hosted on some of my favorite trails within the Upstate NY Region.

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