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All the wild horses

I have been using this Fuji X-T1 exclusively for the past few weeks and have been experimenting with a few different lenses (35mm f/2 is really awesome!), film presets (Classic Chrome is amazing!), etc. to get a feel for the camera's limitations and sweet spots. So far, I have found very little to not love.

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Building Traditions

Growing older is a surreal experience. The thing that I am constantly challenged by is how unexpectedly different I feel in comparison to how I thought that I would feel at this age. I don't mean physically, but as I watch my goals become achieved or morph, relationships grow or wither, children develop, spouses change, and time passes, I find myself constantly...

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Winter Colors

Following the warmest, least snowy December on record here in Rochester, it is now January and we finally have snow. There are plenty of folks who were thankful for the late coming of winter to the upstate New York region, but I am not one of them. The snow is here and I am glad!

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So, there I was a few months ago declaring that I wasn't going to be so absent on this site. It would seem as though I lied. I didn't intend to lie and I had the best intentions, but as with all good things, they are susceptible to outside forces, which can erode momentum and will. I believe that I underestimated the energy required to get through shooting the end of the racing season, as well as launching The Ascend Collective.

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2015 Twisted Branch Trail Race // The Ascend Collective

Earlier this year I had been approached to shoot the inaugural running of the Twisted Branch 100K - which I immediately jumped at the opportunity to do. What wasn't to love? Trails, check. Opportunity to showcase Upstate New York, check. Support friends who were running the race, check. In Spring, all of these things seemed amazing, but as the race drew closer and my ideas started to come into focus, the sheer logistics of trying to cover runners...

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