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So, there I was a few months ago declaring that I wasn't going to be so absent on this site. It would seem as though I lied. I didn't intend to lie and I had the best intentions, but as with all good things, they are susceptible to outside forces, which can erode momentum and will. I believe that I underestimated the energy required to get through shooting the end of the racing season, as well as launching The Ascend Collective.

Here I am, however, alive and well. Regaining some speed.

In order to get back on track, the past month has been a bit of a reset for me. I have de-prioritized running considerably in order to give it (and me) some space. We are taking a separation period in hopes to rekindle a lost love. It has happened before, it will be fine.

Similarly, photography has been experiencing a bit of a burgeoning back into the creative force that it is. Peeking behind the curtain - I find shooting events to be wonderful experiences, filled with great people and fantastic stories, but they have never struck me as a way to express myself creatively. This year was no exception. By the end of a racing season, I simultaneously didn't want to touch a camera for a bit, but I also wanted to return to the roots of why I love photography in the first place: creativity. Fall can be a temporary drought.

So, as previously mentioned, here I am. Alive, well and moving forward one foot at a time - camera in hand. If you have stuck around this long, I hope and trust that you will continue coming back here because I am resetting and 2016 is looking brighter than ever.

A Few Photos from Christmas Preparations