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Tap & Dye

Over the years I have tried all kinds of camera gear. My office is filled with bags, straps, filters, cases, lenses, etc. As with any passion I not only enjoy the primary aspect, shooting photos, but also the ancillary benefits such as playing around with new gear.

A year or so ago I came across a fantastic boutique that created handmade straps, Tap & Dye. I immediately purchased one of their LEGACY neck straps and loved the attention to detail, as well as overall quality. I felt that despite the somewhat steep cost I got my money's worth.

Today, I am happy to have received my second strap from Tap & Dye, which frankly is somehow even better than the first. This time I opted for a simple black wrist strap, accented in hand-stiched red thread. Every detail of this strap exudes quality.

If you ever have a need for a simple, hand crafted, and exceptionally detailed camera strap I couldn't recommend Tap & Dye more.