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California On My Mind - Part 1

To me, a large component of being a photographer is simply reviewing the moments that you have captured.

Of course you can enjoy the personal meaning, beauty, and technical skill of your photos, but if you aren't inspecting critically for ways that you can improve, what's the point? Your photo catalog is an evolving time capsule that reflects the trajectory that you have taken in both your technical and artistic skill. Use it.

In fact, every once in a while, I feel inspired to reset and re-edit some photos with the new perspectives, skills, and tools afforded to me. With non-destructive tools like Adobe Lightroom, it has never been easier to experiment. The trick is to find a catalyst for experimentation.

This past weekend I had the good fortune to spend a few hours with my good friend James from The House of Bogue who had just returned from a photographic trip to California. After hearing James' stories about shooting his way around San Francisco, I felt the need to go back to my photos from our last time in California to experiment with the images I had captured. 

To start, I decided that I would look at a few of my favorite spots in the world: Pfeiffer Beach in Big Sur, as well as Muir Woods and Muir Beach. 

I am working through a few other California locations that I love and plan on posting them as a "Part 2" soon, so stay tuned....