IAMLESHER Photography


Dark Work

As I am sure it is the case with nearly everyone, there are times when I find myself unwittingly at a complete creative standstill. Typically it is when there are too many things going on and I find myself focused on "things that matter," which sounds ridiculous when I say it because without the ability to create, not much else really does matter. But I digress....

When I find myself in this state, I generally consider that turning toward the path less traveled helps bring me some focus. It doesn't always work as planned, but it often does create new and interesting ideas that I can build from. 

Lately, I am finding myself lost in the woods of my mind and having a hard time navigating my way back to something resembling a spark of creativity. It's somewhat dark. In order to kindle a bit of flame I decided to play around with some images in black and white, which isn't something that I do frequently. I like the results so far, and for now, I am actually finding myself enjoying the simple process of experimentation.

Hope you enjoy!