IAMLESHER Photography



Skateboarding is one of those things that once it has it's hooks in you, it will never leave you.

For years, I would skate daily and it was arguably one of my first passions. Over the years, I have picked up a board from time-to-time, pushed around and found myself loving it just as much as I did when I landed my first ollie or kickflip. It is strange because while it would be easy to confuse the old bike adage of "once you learn to ride a bike you never forget" here, but this is something completely different. It isn't about remembering the feeling or muscle memory, but something deeper. Those who skate(d), know what I mean. For no good reason that I can quantify, skateboarding is different. It is unique.

Of course, with any great, passionate activity comes great friends. My friend Dan is one such guy. For the past few months (years?), we have been plotting a few locations that we felt would make great locations to shoot a skate session. We would discuss tricks, angles, etc., but with our current passionate activity (running) taking up a considerable amount of time, we never seemed to be able to make the time for it. Over the past week, the stars aligned and we were able to take advantage of some free time to shoot a subject that we love and likely owe a lot of our perspective to. I brought my camera, Dan brought his board. We had fun.