IAMLESHER Photography




Ever wish that you had a photographer focused on just you? Lifestyle sessions are great for people who would like me to capture their special events (races, parties, etc.) or just float about as they do as they please. Consider me your personal photojournalist.

$300 / 90 Minutes

15 client-selected photos delivered



Everyone needs a fantastic photo that they can be proud of. I will work with you to choose the right setting and time of day to capture the perfect mood.

$250 / 60 minutes

10 client-selected photos delivered


If you have a photo in your minds-eye that you can communicate to me? I can capture it. Hire me and I will shoot the landscape, building or theme of your choice.

$250 for the perfect shot


I can accommodate nearly every situation, so if you have a particular need that isn't covered here, please don't hesitate to contact me to discuss further.

Additional Details

  • All sessions are held at your location of choice, which can effect cost depending on travel.
  • All delivered photos will be individually edited in order to give you the highest quality possible.
  • All photos will be digitally delivered via a personal online gallery created for you specifically.
  • All photos can be provided via CD if necessary at a cost of an additional $35
  • All photos will grant you full printing and distribution rights.
  • Payment is due at the time of the session


If you would love to have any of my work printed, I work with several professional print companies and can provide guidance and rates for whatever you can dream up.